The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Company, or PTAC as we like to informally call it, is a 501(c)3 non-profit community theatre and arts organization in the Hudson Valley region of NY. 

The mission of the company is to bring professional and amateur theatre to an underserved area and provide arts education to local citizens of all ages. 

The purposes of PTAC are: 

  • to stimulate, promote, teach, and develop interest in the dramatic arts; 

  • to educate the general public in the dramatic arts; 

  • to advance the general level of culture in the field of dramatic arts by the establishment and maintenance of a theater for the production of plays, musicals, readings, dramas, comedies, shows, exhibitions, and dramatic arts in all forms and of the highest standards;

  • to bring all aspects of the dramatic arts to areas and centers not adequately served at the present time

 Our Team 

Founders: Jenna Isabella and Gina Stanton met in the summer of 2017 in a production of Urinetown. Little did they know that a beautiful journey of friendship and partnership awaited them. When they decided to start PTAC, they decided to invite some of their dearest friends and theatrical collaborators, and the board of PTAC was formed!

Managing Director: Gina Stanton

Artistic Director: Jenna Isabella

Technical Director: John Isabella III

Innovation Director: Mike Stanton

Resident Stage Manager: Laura Braun

Member at Large: Naomi Hanson

Member at Large: Sharon Wolff

Click here for more information about our Board of Directors!

 Why the Phoenix? 

When we first had the crazy idea to start a theatre company, we were ready to dive right in and buy property. One of the spaces that we were looking at purchase was an old, asbestos filled firehouse in Peekskill, NY. From that, we landed on the idea of the Phoenix, giving new life to an old, sad building. When reality reared it's ugly head (sorry reality, but you know it's true), we realized that we were getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

We've since moved on from the firehouse, but the idea of the Phoenix still resonated with us. We've both been involved with numerous theatre companies during our lifetimes, and were feeling a bit disillusioned and burnt out. "When we have a company, we'll....." had become a frequent talking point between us. So in some ways, it feels like the Phoenix is rising from the ashes of how burnt out we had become from other things in our lives.

And then it was 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, and theatres all over the world had to shutter their doors and cancel their seasons. And in a lot of really scary ways, it felt like it was the end. So we decided that with everything on hold, it was a great time to rise up and launch our company. And with all of that backstory in place, we felt that the Phoenix was the perfect metaphor to celebrate the immortality of theatre and artistic pursuits, overcoming death and adversity.