Copy of Page to Stage Playwright's Festi

Page to Stage 2021

Digital Playbill

Join us for our first annual Page to Stage Playwright's Festival! This year, we are celebrating our 3 adult finalists and our Tailfeathers Winner:

  • Break by Louisa Vilardi

  • I Love You, You Son of a Bitch by Joe Coppola

  • (Don't) Divide by Zero by Kaycie Romano

  • Tailfeathers Winner: Prom Night by Ruby Liemann.


We are also delighted to share staged readings of our  Tailfeather's semi-finalists:

  • Unlikely Friends by Klaus Bayha

  • Never Been Good at Goodbyes by Lily Peterson

  • Camping Gone Wrong by Lucia Eklund

  • The Unknown God by Nicholas Eklund

  • The New Year's Party by Andrew Glener

  • Should I Stay or Go? by Madison Cole

Playbill - Page to Stage.png