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Page to Stage Playwright fest

Seeking Actors! Accepting video submissi

Please use this form to submit an audition by March 5, 2021.


We are looking for actors to perform in our first annual Page to Stage Playwright Festival!

Please use this form to submit an audition. Please note that this is audition video may be shared with the playwrights whose works have been chosen and the directors working on the plays, along with the PTAC board.

Each play for the adult division is between 10 and 20 pages (between 10 and 30 minutes). Rehearsal schedules will be set by each director in conjunction with their cast. All rehearsals and the final performance will be conducted virtually. (Because everything is virtual, cast members can be located anywhere!)

If you are interested but have never done any acting, please submit a video! We are open to working with all levels of experience!


Please submit a video of yourself performing a short monologue of your choice. Before you begin your monologue, please "slate" by stating your name and the monologue you will be performing. (While you may choose whatever monologue you'd like, please note that all of the pieces that will be performed are modern and recently written plays, so Shakespearean monologues may not be your best choice.)

Please make sure that your face is clearly visible in your video.

If you have any questions or have difficulty using the form to submit, please email us at!

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