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Nicholas Hennessy's

Eat the Rich


(Click here to view Audition Notice in Google Docs)

EAT THE RICH is an original play in five courses, written by

Nicholas Hennessy and directed by Joe Coppola. The play explores

class dynamics, relationships, revenge, and cannibalism.


EAT THE RICH will be a virtual production. Auditions and

callbacks will take place virtually. All rehearsals for the characters

of Jeffrey and Allison will take place virtually. Most rehearsals for

the characters of Caleb and Sylvia will be virtual, but there will be

a few in person rehearsals and a filming date, all in late March or

early April. These in person sessions will only be required for Caleb

and Sylvia - the action of these scenes will be conducted socially distanced (across a large dinner table) and actors and any crew will be masked unless actively filming. 


We will be holding virtual auditions on Friday, February 12, 2021, as well as accepting video auditions sent by Sunday, February 14, 2021. All auditioners should prepare a 30 second monologue. (Video auditions can be emailed to or included in your audition form, and audition appointments can be scheduled using this link.) Please also fill out this audition form


Virtual callbacks (by invitation) will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2021.


Rehearsals will be held 2-3 times per week in February and March. In order to ease possible technical problems and produce the most polished production possible, we will be recording the performance, not performing and streaming live.


Character Descriptions:


Caleb - 20s. He doesn’t ever seem comfortable in his clothes, formal or informal. Awkward. Unsure. Learning. 


Sylvia - 40s. Her clothes are always immaculately selected. Precise. Entitled. Intuitive. 


Jeffrey - 20s. Sylvia’s son. He dresses formally, but his shirt is never quite tucked in, and he has a habit of wearing inappropriately vibrant boutonnieres. Intense. Eccentric. Charismatic. 


Allison - 20s. Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Dresses in bohemian clothes that clearly did not come from a thrift shop, but from some pricey outlet. Earnest. Intelligent. Lovestruck. 

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