Gina Stanton

Managing Director, acting Historical Director

Gina received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Fordham University, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She went on to receive her Masters in Library and Information Science from SUNY Buffalo and is a NYS certified teacher. She currently works as a Library Media Specialist, as well as serving as a theatrical director and choreographer. Gina has served on the Board of other community theatres in the region, and is an actor and singer who has performed throughout the Hudson Valley since elementary school. She also has experience starting and running a successful small business, as well as several years of experience managing local businesses. Fun fact - Gina is also a trained pastry chef!

Jenna Isabella

Artistic Director, acting Education Director

Jenna received her Bachelor of Arts in English as well as her Master of Science in Teaching from Fordham University. She is a NYS certified teacher and currently works as a secondary English teacher, as well as serving as a theatrical director of student productions, in the NYS public school system. Jenna has served on the Board of other community theatres in the region, and is an actor and singer. While attending Fordham University, Jenna was a contributing performer for a student-run theatre group and served as the outreach/ education coordinator for two years and then served as the president of the organization for one year. She has collaborated on numerous creative theatrical projects in the community since and plans to incorporate that knowledge in this new business venture. 

John Isabella III

Technical Director

John graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a passion to build things and improve on existing designs from a technical standpoint.  John’s passion for building and design extends to his passion of theater where he enjoys diving into the offbeat characters he often portrays on the stage.  John has also had an abundance of experience working with children as a camp counselor and as the event manager of a hobby store.  In John’s mind, every experience that is worth having should be a fun one and John plans to bring his Technical expertise to PTAC to ensure each experience is amazing, safe, and fun for everyone involved! 

Mike Stanton

Member at Large

Laura Braun

Member at Large

Naomi Hanson

Member at Large