Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PTAC’s annual “Page to Stage” Playwright Festival recognizes the

work of local authors and playwrights. The festival's mission is to

provide local emerging or experienced artists of all ages an opportunity

to improve their writing, enhance their craft, and have their work

performed in front of an audience.


Each year, a theme is provided and any individual may choose to

submit a script of  one-act play that they have written that interprets

that theme. Scripts should be between 10 and 20 pages. (For our

youth division, the Failfeathers, submissions should be between 5 and

12 pages.) The individual will submit their script (whether play or

musical) along with a brief explanation on how their work interprets,

explores, or otherwise relates to the theme (200 words or less). There

will be a submission fee of $10 for the Adult division. Playwrights

may submit multiple pieces so long as they pay the fee for each

submission. Works that have been previously produced may be

submitted, but the playwright must disclose where and when the

work has been produced previously. 


In addition, PTAC will also accept submissions for our children’s

division, the Tailfeathers. Submissions will be accepted from school

age individuals (recommended: grades 5-12). There will be no

submission fee for the Tailfeathers, and it is expected that submissions

will be between 5 and 12 pages.


Plays are reviewed and finalists are selected by committee. The number

of plays selected as Finalists will depend on the length of the selected

submissions. Adult playwrights who are selected will have the option

to direct their work themselves, to choose their own director, or to

have PTAC assign a director. (Directors will not receive a stipend.)

Directors will have the option to cast the work independently or view

audition submissions from PTAC’s open audition digital video submissions.

(For the Tailfeathers Division, a director will be assigned to direct the pieces

chosen as Finalists.)


Submissions chosen as Finalists will be performed at our Festival on April 10, 2021.* PTAC will provide a poster and short teaser video for each Finalist prior to the performance date. In addition, each finalist will receive a download link to the performance video after the performance. 


Digital Format:

All selected plays will be presented via a digital platform. Actors will be responsible for their own technology set up (camera, microphone, etc) and Directors will be responsible for any backdrops or costuming for their actors. PTAC will facilitate and host two rehearsals prior to the final performance: one Board Review* and one technical rehearsal. Individual rehearsals are the responsibility of the Director. PTAC will host the digital performance. 

*The Board Review is for the adult division only, not the Tailfeathers division. The Board Review is a rehearsal performed for the PTAC Board to ensure that all performances are of high quality and meet the professional standards that PTAC strives for. Should you have concerns prior to the Board Review, you may request further information as to those standards, or request an earlier review. We cannot guarantee an earlier review, but will do our best to accommodate any requests.


Submission Formatting Requirements:

All submissions are expected to be proof-read and free from most errors in spelling, grammar, and formatting. Please see the attached template for the formatting requirements. Submissions which do not meet these requirements are not guaranteed to be read, and no refund will be provided. Submissions will only be accepted in PDF format.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Important Dates:

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Digital submissions and payment due


Monday, February 15, 2021

Playwrights will be notified with the status of their submission. 


Monday, February 22, 2021

Playwrights who have been selected as finalists must indicate whether they will be directing, providing their own director, or would like PTAC to assign a director.


Monday, March 1, 2021

Directors will be asked to make all of their casting decisions by this date, and to send PTAC a full listing of their actors, including contact information. Directors will have the option to cast the work independently or view audition submissions from PTAC’s open audition digital video submissions.


March 1 - April 6, 2021

Rehearsals (scheduled & virtually hosted by the directors)


Tuesday, April 6 & Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Board Review: Rehearsal performance, scheduled in individual blocks, ensuring that each Finalist is performance ready.


Thursday, April 8 & Friday, April 9, 2021

Tech/Dress Rehearsals: A full run of each performance, scheduled in blocks, to confirm that all participants are ready from a technological standpoint.


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Festival performance!

  • Tailfeather division in the afternoon

  • Adult division in the evening


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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