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spooks & SPECTRES 

by Mike Stanton

written & directed by Mike Stanton


Jessica Beitscher.....Denise Spelare/Sabrina

Naomi Hanson.....Julie Metsik/The Mystic

Chris Ledogar.....Marten Boerefijin/Dan/The Cleanser

Denny Nikolopoulos.....Clive Leofwine/Andrew

Phil Pineau.....Arthur Kempe/The Skeptic

Gina Stanton.....Eleanor Tineean/Ensemble

Mike Stanton.....The Host/The Owner

Steven Sylvia.....Bruno Hertz/Ensemble

Joanie Varela.....Geraldine Pierrot/Ensemble

Adrienne T. Voltaire.....Scarlette Bailey/Jess


Stage Manager: Laura Braun

Assistant Stage Manager: Sharon Wolff

Audio Lord: Aidan Conlan

October 2022

In October 2022, PTAC brought it's first completely original musical to the stage! Written by board member Mike Stanton, spooks & SPECTRES was a challenging and exhausting labor of love for the company and its cast. We further pushed our in-house lighting system, erected our first walls, and even had a shiny red piano!

Thank you Kickstarter Backers!

Ted & Elaine Schwartz, Vic Bekarian, Kathy Casey, Stephen Zerilli, Jenna Isabella, Lisa Casey, Diane Stanton, Jeff Gant, Jeffrey Stone, Caroline Brody, Amanda Booth, Sean Latasa, Wilson

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